Join us on the green journey and make a difference, through bio energy and energy-from-waste (EfW) solutions.

Our mission

At Green Transition Holding our mission is to create the right investment opportunities and build the right technologies to accelerate the green journey and make a difference.

Invest. Build. Sustain.


Creating the right investment opportunities by targeting highly attractive markets


Building assets with the right technologies and operations to support shareholder value


Making a difference in accelerating energy transition, enabling transformation to greener energy and providing a sustainable way of processing waste

About us

Green Transition Holding was formed in 2020 as a spinout of Otechos group, with Pipeotech and Otechos Services as two holding companies. Our strategic emphasis is on clean energy through commercialising innovative technologies that improve industries’ sustainability. Pipeotech and Otechos support us in developing new and existing assets within the EfW and bio energy sector for optimal efficiency.

Our team has 30 years of unmatched experience within the EfW and bio energy sectors. Our leadership teams and board of directors have a broad experience and competence across the value chain, including technology, design and build, life-cycle services, own and operate, as well as the commercial, technical, and financial expertise to support our growth ambitions.

Before the creation of Green Transition Holding, the experienced team built and supported operations across a large number of complex processing plants, accumulating many thousands of operational hours. Thanks to this experience, we understand the importance of increasing efficiency in existing plants and how to deliver it, as well as how to build new plants that are technology driven and operationally efficient. At Green Transition Holding we are proud to be on a green journey heading towards net carbon negative operations.